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Majestic Ranch And Hunting Service

Trophy South Dakota Whitetail Deer Hunting! Fantastic Spring Turkey Hunting!
St Charles, South Dakota

Majestic Ranch and Hunting Service is located in the heart of whitetail deer country. We manage this working ranch for the maximum benefit of wildlife and our cattle. There are many grain fields providing an ample food source for all types of wildlife. The many developed springs and creeks provide a constant source of fresh water that is a life source for many of these animals in the area. We manage our property specifically for maximizing the present herd of Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer that inhabit our property. We only allow a limited number of archery and rifle hunters to enjoy a QUALITY hunting experience each fall. This ensures that the property will not be over hunted and will offer the hunters who are fortunate enough to spend a week enjoying our pristine area and excellent chance at taking a trophy animal during their stay. We have also spent countless hours researching out the top placement of our quality stands in place which are pre-set for our hunters in areas of the ranch that we feel will give our hunters their best opportunity at getting a quality shot at the trophy whitetail deer and mule deer bucks they have traveled so far to seek. You may also feel free to bring your own ground blinds or tree stands to set up where you like on the property. As you review the information posted on our website, be sure to visit our “Photo and Testimonials” which offers you a photo and personal story from our past hunters and friends. Then please read through Randy’s story located on the “Meet Your Hosts” page. This will give you an appreciation of why we feel our property is such a “Hunter’s Paradise”’ to us and to all of those who visit our ranch as hunters and friends. At anytime throughout the tour of our website feel free to fill out or short Information Request Form located at the top of each page, so that we can follow up with you with more details on booking one of our remaining archery hunts for next fall. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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  Jeff McKinney    
I just finished my third year in a row, hunting with Randy "Odie" Odenbach and the guides at Majestic Ranch. This is a Whitetail hunt that keeps you coming back, most likely because he and his "first mate" TUNA, know the habitat and habits of the animals, as the result of scouting the property year round. When we arrived in November 2007, he started telling everyone about the areas where they would be hunting the next day and matching them with their guides. I prefer to hunt alone, however, will make sure that I have someone holding my hand in 2008 (See why below.) He and the other guides specifically identified hot points in the terrain for me to locate as the sun came up. He told me to watch for the close shot at the foot of the hill as he had repeatedly seen a large buck coming out about 40 yards from the cedar blind they constructed on the hillside. At 8:00 a.m. the big boy popped out and I missed him. Yes, at less than 40 yards, with a 7mm, and a new Zeiss scope that did everything but pull the trigger for me. Note this was a repeat of the previous year, when I did the same thing at the same spot. Don't let anyone tell you that all the shots in SD will be 200 yards or more, somehow I seem to get that into my head when making the trip and all but one deer taken by our group this year was at less than 200 yards. It seems that I always "blow" the short shots when in SD. Maybe I should take a 12 gauge with slugs this year. I did get a good buck on the third day. The 2007 hunt was superb, my buddy and I took our fathers and some other fellows with us, that had provided me with guidance over the years. It was truly one of the most enjoyable hunts of my lifetime. Only two of us were under 45, the rest over 60 and two of the guys were over 70. One had never taken a Whitetail. He brought down his first one on this hunt. He was 16 again for the next few months, ask Odie if he will send you the "Cat in the Hat" photo of Mr. B and his first buck. Here are my assessments: (1) The accommodations are perfect, for a group hunt. (2) The "cook" will make sure you leave with a few extra pounds. (3) The guides are like BUCKS on a hot doe, year round, and they know the property. (Nothing I hate worse than to start the hunt with a guide that cannot locate the hunting site. I can assure you that I have encountered a few of those over the years, however, not with these folks.) (4) MOST IMPORTANT: THEY HAVE THE BIG WHITETAILS ON THIS RANCH, WHICH EXCEEDS 12000 ACRES. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN COSTS OR TROPHY FEES AND THE MAJORITY OF HUNTERS HAVE BEEN HUNTING THE PROPERTY FOR MORE THAN FIVE YEARS. Give these folks a thumbs up.